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Legislative Resolutions, Top 7 Legislative Priorities for 2013

Given President Obama’s abdication in presenting select priorities to the Congress, Selfish Citizenship will take the initiative to spell out the top seven legislative priorities for 2013. You should not be surprised to see increased federal gun control legislation absent … Continue reading

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Cargo Cult Education Reform in Public Schools

One theme that I find in reading about innovation in education is the inability of public schools to scale promising solutions that demonstrate results in small scale tests.  Reading Joshua M Dunn’s Complex Justice: The Case of Missouri v. Jenkins, … Continue reading

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The Cult of Thrasymachus

In Plato’s Republic Socrates rhetorically dispatches the political doctrine of Thrasymachus, who asserted that justice is what is good for the strong.  Today, Thrasymachus’ thesis animates President Obama’s agenda and the very notion of American democracy.  Instead of Plato’s idealistic … Continue reading

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