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Question #11: What is the relationship between objective virtues and individual rights?

Normally, others ask a question and I answer; however, this time, I am asking the question above and only starting towards an answer, which I will chew through over time in future posts. Over the past several months, a couple … Continue reading

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Chewing an Echo of What Passes for Thought on ObamaCare

The other day I posted a link to Reddit to iOpposeObamaCare with its announcement for an activism opportunity on Saturday, March 22, 2013…the third anniversary of the corrupt ObamaCare law.  In comments, the following was posted, and I thought its … Continue reading

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Our Declaration of Independence

On this Independence Day, consider the virtue of independence in your own personal life. Great American, and Russia-born, author Ayn Rand expressed the essence of independence at such a personal level, when she wrote in For the New Intellectual: “Independence … Continue reading

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