Bipartisan Deal – Status Quo Continuing Resolution for FY 2013

The following is text of a message sent to the media relations contact for Gary Johnson’s campaign.

On your campaign’s website, I found no comment on yesterday’s federal fiscal news. Therefore, I have several questions (see below), which relate to a conversation that I have had with your campaign’s public supporters.

Yesterday, July 31, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that the Senate, House, and President had reached an agreement to pass a continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the first six months of FY 2013. Essentially, this avoids these parties staging a government shutdown before the election, encumbers the next Administration with two years of appropriations to complete in 2013, and sets the election results as the decider for FY 2013 appropriations.

Does the Johnson campaign have a statement or reply specific to this announced deal?

Will candidate Johnson focus exclusively on the campaign or would he involve himself in this current legislative issue by actively supporting deficit hawk legislators from both parties who oppose this status quo deal, thus possibly developing the groundwork for a Johnson bipartisan caucus in the Congress?

The candidate has promised to propose a balanced budget for FY 2014. If elected, what are the candidate’s legislative goals related to completing FY 2013 appropriations?

If elected, will the focus of Congress on FY 2013 appropriations distract Congress from the candidate’s promise for entitlement reform? If so, how would the candidate plan to keep Congress focused on such reform?

On fiscal issues, the campaign expresses three components of a legislative strategy: (1) balance the budget through spending cuts and tax reform, (2) reform entitlements, and (3) veto. Come 9/30/2013 when the Congress is likely to propose a status quo continuing resolution for FY 2014, what would President Johnson do? Is the candidate’s strategy to veto such legislation with a resulting government shutdown? What if the Congress overrides the veto; is there more to the candidate’s legislative strategy on fiscal policy?

Given the importance of these issue, I will give you a fair and full presentation of your answers.

Thank you in advance for your campaign’s answers to these questions, which all the candidates for President should be answering so as to inform the electorate.

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