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Democrats’ Claim Check on the Lives of Student Loan Borrowers

I was reminded this morning that I left the student loan industry 12 years ago immediately before the financial collapse related to Fannie and Freddie. I choose based on the consequences of statutory changes by Pelosi after her elevation to … Continue reading

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Reason and Rights Republicans? To Be or Not To Be; That is the Question

Recently, Ari Armstrong recommended joining the Republican Party as a Reason and Rights Republican, which he called the ONLY solution for participation in party politics.  Armstrong is a serious thinker and experienced political activist. However, Selfish Citizenship disagrees with his … Continue reading

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NJ Gov. Christie Evades Government Spending in Union Giveaway

Bloomberg reports that New Jersey’s unfunded public employee pension liability increased by $5.5 in 2012, which is a 13% increase in the states total unfunded pension liability. As I have written before in the case of Obama’s $761.5 billion accounting … Continue reading

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In 2012, Nonvoters Admit Disliking Candidates

At UVa’s Miller Center, Charles Stewart III recently discussed a draft paper analyzing survey data from the 2012 elections.  Instead of focusing on the horse race aspect, the survey looks at the experience of voters.  Why is this important?  Pundits … Continue reading

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The Republican Hydra

Last year’s Republican presidential nomination process was interesting, because the candidates who contested through the process represented distinct ideological perspectives.  Thus, they are proxies for the relative strength of contesting ideas within the Republican Party. The ability of candidates with … Continue reading

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