Criticizing Political Religion is an Act of Virtue

President Obama has personally attacked the First Amendment by leading an Administration that has abused its power in its attempting to intimidate Americans engaged in constitutionally protected free speech.  While the theocrats and theocrat wannabes agitate for burning the American Constitution and imposing laws against criticizing religion, I dissent.

Overboard by Cox & Forkum

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I will go further and assert that publicly criticizing political religion is a virtue; meanwhile, the failure to do so is most often cowardice, ignorance, stupidity, or outright dishonesty.

In a proper political context, the subject of religion would not even come up for discussion.  Instead, such discussions would be privately addressed within civil society.  However, there is a particularly vile group of power lusters who seek to insert religion into the political realm as their easy ticket to power at the head of a parade of fools.  Unfortunately, too many devoutly religious individuals fail to heed the admonitions of St. Augustine and Martin Luther regarding the mixing of faith and earthly power; consequently, they empower the insertion of their faith into political discourse, which puts their faith up as a target for derision and mockery.

Don’t blame me brother, because you asked for it.  Don’t beg for mercy, because that anti-virtue is the opposite of justice.

Personally, I would prefer that religious discussion be conducted outside of politics as part of a peaceful debate of ideas; however, when those who profess faith attempt to grab the sword of state so as to impose their error on others through force, then it is a requirement of life to challenge the error of faith until the faithful retreat from the public square to their private practice.

If you do not like it when someone criticizes your religion in a political context, then you should oppose attempts by your fellows to bring your faith into the public square.

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