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Daniel Pipes Recommends US Actively Prop Up a Failing and Unrepentant State Sponsor of Terrorism, Assad’s Syria

Somehow, Daniel Pipes must have come to the conclusion that there are bad terrorists and worse terrorists, so we should be friends with the bad ones. Last month, Pipes shifted his recommendation of neutrality in the Syrian civil war to … Continue reading

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Criticizing Political Religion is an Act of Virtue

President Obama has personally attacked the First Amendment by leading an Administration that has abused its power in its attempting to intimidate Americans engaged in constitutionally protected free speech.  While the theocrats and theocrat wannabes agitate for burning the American … Continue reading

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Did the Egyptian liberal candidates advocate for economic deregulation and reforms to protect property rights?

I have received a number of questions that are pending response related to the posts on Selfish Citizenship.  Some have occurred in comments on this blog, and other have occurred on other platforms associated with it such as Redddit, FaceBook, … Continue reading

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