My Top 3 Selfish Reasons for My Voting Romney

On Election Day, I will be voting for Romney; while I would like you to do so as well, most importantly, I want you to vote selfishly, which candidate will be more beneficial to your life, in its full scope.

Personally, there are three main reasons for my selection.

#1 My productivity

The election of Pelosi to the Speakership in 2006 resulted in my going on strike from my industry two years later.  I found during the Obama Administration and the contraction of the economy that opportunities to build in other industries were curtailed by arbitrary changes from the Congress and Obama Administration.  I am sick of it; I love working; I want to build again; and that cannot happen legally if Obama remains President.

#2 My daughters’ future

Both of my daughters have chosen health care for their profession because that is where their passion is.  Under the current federal regulations of health care, their future industry will be destroyed.  Obamacare must be repealed and that requires a President who will not veto legislation to do so.  My daughters’ ancestors were slaves, and that should not be legally lowered to that enthralled status because they have a talent and passion for improving the lives of the ill.

#3 The Presidency should not be vacant

Clint Eastwood was correct in his illusion to Obama being an empty chair.  Obama is a second-hand mind who is moved by the Congress, bureaucracy, and his party.  Within our constitution, the President is a unique and vital position.  President Obama has demonstrated that he is not up to that job.

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