Obama Attacks Free Speech Again

Is there anything that Barack Obama hates more than freedom of speech?  If you can think of anything, please comment.

In any point of domestic public controversy related to the freedom of speech has the Obama Administration ever taken the side of freedom of speech?  I can not think of a single occasion.  Please Obama partisans enlighten me in the comments below.

Remember the Obama’s Truth Squads to facilitate partisans to snitch to the government about people exercising their free speech to criticize Obama Administration policies?

Remember the Obama partisans labeling the Tea Party participants as terrorists for exercising free speech?

Remember Obama Administration attacks against Florida pastor Terry Jones, who planned to publicly burn a Quran?

Remember the Obama Administration prosecution and condemnation of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula for posting a YouTube video that criticized Islam?

Remember Barack Obama’s anti-American attacks on the Supreme Court for recognizing the protection of political speech in Citizen’s United?

Establishing that pattern of attacks against freedom of speech by an administration led by a reported constitutional scholar and civil rights activist, the newest case is the (In-)Justice Department’s civil suit against Standard & Poor’s.

According to the Justice Department, its actions are based upon S&P’s failure in rating mortgage securities prior to the financial crisis; unspecified is why S&P is singled out when the other rating agencies made the same errors.  Further, as noted in the Economist:

Since the crisis, 41 legal actions targeting S&P have been dropped or dismissed. The company and other ratings agencies have prevailed by asserting their rights under the first amendment of the constitution, which states that “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech”.

This free speech protection attributed to the ratings is not a surprise.  All of the credible accounts of the role of the rating agencies in the financial crisis have all mentioned this well known protection.

So why has Obama committed to this suit?  Aside from the benefits of a political show trial to temporarily boost the Obama Administration for attacking an object of legitimate public scorn and contempt, what is really going on in targeting S&P in this suit?

Recall that it was S&P that lead the cut in our government’s credit rating.  Further, observe the fiscal cliff and sequestration controversies that the Obama Administration has failed to resolve responsibly; these issues are directly tied to conditions that S&P is tracking related to a potential further cut in our government’s credit rating.  Finally, see that this suit has negatively impacted the stock price of S&P’s parent company, and the parent company’s bond ratings.

Putting it all together, the Justice Department’s frivolous lawsuit against S&P is an extortion designed to suppress, or discredit, S&P’s future exercise of freedom of speech related to downgrading U.S. government bonds.  Further, President Obama’s political allies and supporters are subject to the downgrading of their state’s government bonds related to unfunded state pension liabilities; for example, see Illinois.  At the state and municipal level, the exercise of freedom of speech by S&P will likely disadvantage President Obama’s union supporters who are being pressured to lower excessive public pension expenses.  Welcome to Chicago politics.

Although I personally condemn S&P for their failure to account for the political risk in the housing market that led to the 2008 collapse, I will offer them some advice related to the Obama Administration’s attack on S&P’s freedom of speech.  Downgrade U.S. bonds, plus those of states and municipalities with dangerously underfunded pension liabilities.  In the downgrade of the U.S. bonds, cite the Obama Administration’s attack on the Bill of Rights and explicitly commit to lower ratings so long as he remains in office.  This change would not be revenge, but punishment for abuse of power.

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Extra Point: A satire from 2009 related to Obama’s anti-freedom of speech efforts: ”Reporting Counterrevolutionary Propagandist to the White House”

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38 Responses to Obama Attacks Free Speech Again

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  4. karikamiya says:

    He likely hates stepping on lego’s more.


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  7. john pourciau says:

    Im pretty sure when he swore in,
    that he up holds things that we supposed to follow then he shouldnt be president of the usa. sounds like treason to me


  8. Immanuel Petros Run'anga says:

    Freedom of speech if uncontrollled can be suicidal ideal. Americans voted Obama into power largely on grounds of his public displays of wisdom. Obama has not suddenly turned unwise & neither have his recent critics on freedom of speech suddenly turned wiser than Obama. Its like mathematicia ns & non-mathematicians suddenl y switching positions. Reasoning power is not easily lost or gained.


  9. George Sima says:



  10. Kamal Fahmi says:

    Where was Barack Hussein Obama when the International Leaders and Parisians marched for freedom of speech?
    Where was he when millions went out condemning the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack?
    Where was he when freedom of speech was trembled over in Paris?
    Why is Obama is calling for a Global Security Summit on the 18th of February ?
    Is it to condemn the victims and justify the perpetrators?
    Is it to stand for Islamic fascism and intolerance?
    Is it to pass Islamic Blasphemy law over the whole world?
    Is it to strip us from Freedom of speech?
    What it is Obama’s goal?
    Is it to make the world like Afghanistan and Pakistan or Sudan and Iran or Saudi Arabia and Brunei?
    Is it to make the world yield to the oppression of IS and Alshbab, Boko Haram and Taliban.
    Is it to conform the world to the demands of the Muslim Brothers and AlQuaida.
    Or is it to
    Stand for freedom
    Stop Islamic Blasphemy Law
    Abolish Islamic Apostasy Law
    Protect the pillars and values of democracy


  11. Ed says:

    Obama is a radical muslim,and don’t say no..he has been supported by the Muslim brotherhood in his election, and now he is paying back the favor they did to him by hiring them in the whit house ,opening the door wide to muslim immigration,changing the constitution to serve their terrorist agenda he betrayed the peoples who trusted him he is no different than any other muslim and yet all naive Americans they don’t see this till they see the rapist, terrorist attacking their daughters families, why we don’t go on revolution and empeach him and save America.how long we will keep taking and doing nothing ?


  12. rai m.maqsood says:

    obama is just a very bloody bastard fool.he does not know about the imam of the age who is very near to appearence.


  13. rai m.maqsood says:

    the appearens of imam mahdi is very near .


  14. Nancy says:

    Obama has never been a Muslim, he was born in Hawaii, which is one of the fifty states. He was raised by grandparents who didn’t go to church, but you’re thinking they took him to a non existent mosque in their small town. You can’t just make up facts. Things are either true or they aren’t. If you fact check you’ll find that your story is false. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation are as bad as your logic skills. Don’t you have spell checker? You can take an English class but your level of hatred will prevent you from ever thinking clearly. Obama is not responsible for any support he gets. It might have been people like you giving a contribution in the name of a Muslim organization,
    so you can point to it as a crime.


  15. isaac ampem darko says:

    i’m a ghanaian and i have a speech


  16. isaac ampem darko says:

    and lets talk to them


  17. isaac ampem darko says:

    and about the students lets train them in a way of freedom


  18. Wolf says:

    Actually I think the man hates America as well as hating Whites. There is something wrong with any president that does what this man has done, of course he’s got hilary to help cover his tracks and to do damage control. Look how she always got bill out of the messes he got in.


  19. samuel kojo boadi says:

    For we know the reeason why obaama is doing that, he is just want to attack the liberty of consans. that is all what he want to do, just to bring about the national sunday law.


  20. OH!!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much of a disgrace this moron is to USA, why did these stupid liberals vote this horrible man in office, I hope it’s over with, they will Hate him , as much as, WE DO!!!!!


  21. Julian Steptoe says:

    Recognizing a Corporate Freedom of Speech, in the context of political influence, as in Citizen United, endows the people who comprise the corporation, with double-speak, and give foreign shareholders and employees, a voice in America’s politics.


  22. Julian Steptoe says:

    Also, incorporations contract to duty and purpose, not to freedom, which is a right given to persons, and cannot be contracted.


  23. Jackie Z says:

    Until Obama leaves office. We have no one to blame but STUPID democrats. It’s heartbreaking how he’s almost single-handedly ruining and making our country IMPOTENT. He’s the devil in disguise, and I blame liberals, PERIOD.


  24. Tom says:



  25. Barbara says:

    You’re so full of ¥€¢£, S&Pis a corporation that helped caused this recession/ depression ; so you’re saying ” holding their feet to the fire” is wrong and violates their freedom of speech; what about the freedoms of the ppl. Who lost everything? Stop blaming Obama for the wrongs of others stop twisting his words to fit your agenda. What the financial CDOs,coos and CDOs did was based on pure greed and the first amendment has NOTHING to do with it. Greed,Greed and more Greed; all of them should be sitting INA federal penitentiary right now for years and years next to Bernie Maddox.


  26. Richard Staccone says:

    History is going to expose him for the fraud that he was, he was never eligible to be president of the United States. It was one of the biggest scams ever pulled on the American people, and they bought it hook line and sinker. Most of his votes came from young college people who have no clue, and other minority groups. With the media 100% on his side he was able to con the voting public, but hard-core flag-waving Americans wanted nothing to do with him.


  27. terril lee graham says:

    obama is continuing the ‘secret’ label for SCUS Case No. 03-5849, which is the prosecution of Geo. W. Bush for war crimes and crimes against humanity, to which charges Obama has himself become guilty. I have tried for thirteen years to get this story published and nobody from Los Angeles to Beijing, the long Way, would publish it due to the old Roman dictum, ” inter arma silent leges. He held me in jail for 15 months in Alameda CA, in order to keep my lawsuit secret.; but it’s written in ancient Chinese literature, “the truth of a man will eventually prevail”.


  28. marcel martinez says:



  29. Dennis waite says:

    Whoever wrote this article strikes me as a pure racist.. somewhere down the line someone must have told this person that his thought we’re the same as millions of American although I know of no one other than racist who think this way. Please don’t waste your time I’m trying to convince America that Barack Obama is probably the greatest US president in the world…


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