Even Lawyers Can’t Keep Track of Our Arbitrary Laws

In a recent gaffe, Vice President Biden has done a great service to our country by demonstrating that our current laws are so arbitrary that not even he knows what is legal and what is not.  In context, he is a lawyer, former legislator, and currently a leader in the executive branch with its regulatory and enforcement responsibility.  What is the average citizen to do when even Biden does not know the law?

In his push to promote a new law and more regulations related to gun control, VP Biden has been promoting shotguns for home defense as if he was a salesman living off his commission.  In a personal anecdote about how wonderful shotguns are, he told his wife to ward off scary noises at night by going onto the balcony of their home and shooting a couple shotgun blasts into the air.  Unfortunately for our VP, that is against the law according officials in Biden’s home state.

Seriously, how are you and I supposed to know that something is illegal if even VP Biden does not know?

In response, I have a modest proposal.  Our legislators should be tested on the minutia of federal laws and regulations. Any laws/regulations that fail to be verified as known in detail by a majority of both houses of Congress should be repealed as too arbitrary to be enforced against average citizens.

To be fair to the average Joe, our legislators should not know the topic of the test nor be able to study before the exam nor be able to farm out this work to staff.

When former Speaker Pelosi would not let us know what is in a law until after it has been voted on, shouldn’t we check to see if our legislators found out after the law was passed?

Unfortunately, arbitrary law actually brings about the rule of men, of influence peddling, of political prisoners, and of the politics of pull; thus, our contempt for law grows.

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Extra Point: Joe Biden flashback…

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1 Response to Even Lawyers Can’t Keep Track of Our Arbitrary Laws

  1. Jorge Contreras says:

    the pelosi reference is to when she said that we needed to past to health care bill to figure out what was in it

    read the article you’ll understand in a bit


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