An Open Letter to America’s Spinsters

I read recently that half of American adults are single.  If you want to be married to a good man but lack a serious prospect, then that is not good news for you ladies.  To paraphrase Ross Perot, that giant suck sound that you hear is your ovaries shriveling up.

If you are a woman in this situation and you voted for Barack Obama, then you only have yourself to blame.  Yes abortion is and should be a legally protected right, but Obama has gone a step further in preventing pregnancies by taking good men out of the marriage market.

Remember in the early part of this economic collapse, the job market was described as the manless economy, because men were the ones most likely to be losing their jobs.  In this so-called recovery, it is still bad for men as many still endure extended joblessness or at best underemployment.  The conditions of unproductivity, low professional fulfillment, and government-caused economic uncertainty make serious and reliable men unlikely to consider marriage; however, you may have found that parasitic men are eager to find you.

This is your fault?  Remember the gender gap in presidential elections, it is described as women favoring the Democratic candidate and the inability of the Republican candidate to gain female support; however, it has a flip side in that men vote overwhelming Republican.

Is it because women did not let the men have their way?  Without a Republican president, men took their balls home and refused to play?  No, Democrats pursue policies that destroy men’s jobs, whether it is environmental policy, business regulation, pro-union protection rackets, punitive taxation, and a thousand more infringements upon individual rights that add up to a loss of jobs held by active, thoughtful, and productive individuals, including men.  In this use of force, government destroys men’s lives, which does not put them into a position to marry.

By their votes, American women are turning this country into a place that is unfit for a real man to live.  Whenever there is a new proposal for expanding government, and even in consideration of repealing old laws and regulation infringing individual rights, ask yourself, “Is that job killing government program so important to me that I would rather have it instead of a husband who is worthy of me and my esteem for his achievement?”  You can have an all powerful government or a good man, but not both.

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  1. Brian Gates says:

    This is a beautiful article,


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