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Fire God, A Stimulus Plan for the Faithful

I found a previously unpublished video script from four years ago.  It includes actionable ideas that remain valid today. In particular, this is a response to those who attempt to corrupt politics with religion. As some of you might have … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to America’s Spinsters

I read recently that half of American adults are single.  If you want to be married to a good man but lack a serious prospect, then that is not good news for you ladies.  To paraphrase Ross Perot, that giant … Continue reading

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The Occupation Issue and the Middle East

Let us get serious for a moment and discuss the Occupation that is destabilizing the Middle East. Since 1925, the House of Saud has been occupying the Hijaz, which is the region that includes the Islamic holy sites in Mecca … Continue reading

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Obama Plans More Rapes (a satire)

In shocking news not being reported from Washington, President Obama advocates a plan to increase the number of American women being raped.  Citing all the correlated public “benefits” to more rapes, our President called on narrow minded advocates for individual … Continue reading

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Question #6: Why is altruism bad?

Related to the post Thank LBJ and Altruism for Our Federal Deficit and Debt, the following question came via Reddit from a father raising his child to be an altruist:  “Why is altruism bad?” Sacrifice, and in particular self-sacrifice. I … Continue reading

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