In Praise of Child Labor and Condemning Forbidding Federal Laws

One of the common repeated condemnations of the Industrial Revolution, and therefore capitalism, is child labor.  A correct and frequent reply to such a spurious charge is that before the Industrial Revolution children worked ALWAYS, because the alternative was starving to death; further, the Industrial Revolution created the wealth that actually reduced child labor, unlike those erroneously praised laws.

I want to take a slightly different perspective on the issue.  My point is that individuals who support anti-child labor laws, including the minimum wage law, HATE children.  Seriously, what is wrong with you that you hate children?!?  If you doubt me, tell a child that they should not be able to work and get paid for it; you will feel them return your hate.

I have been listening to the Irving Stone’s biographical novel of Michelangelo, The Agony and the Ecstasy. The book begins with Michelangelo’s apprenticeship at age 13, and I am currently at his entry into the household of Lorenzo de’Medici a couple years later.  His even younger experience with heavy labor as a stone cutter plays an important part in Michelangelo’s later development.  The book has let me experience the passion and joy of a youth working.  Yes, I know it is a fictional account based upon real events; however, the fiction…the art…rang true with my own experiences and those of my family members.  Kids want to work and get paid.

I worked and got paid when I was a kid.  My kids wanted to do so, but were largely legally blocked from doing so.  Currently, my young nieces want jobs and payment for work performed.

I note that Sean Saulsbury on the Independent Entrepreneur podcast would always ask the successful entrepreneur that he was interviewing to tell the audience about their first job, which was always when these entrepreneurs were young.

Working is a great alternative to the self-esteem killing and soul crushing experience of public schools.  The standards on a job are based upon reality and excellence is rewarded.  In contrast, public schools value political indoctrination and orthodoxy, while punishing productivity, true originality, and achievement.

Consider the pathologies exhibited by today’s youth under the control of public education; some real paid work would be an inoculation in defense of our children.

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3 Responses to In Praise of Child Labor and Condemning Forbidding Federal Laws

  1. You are Stupid says:

    this article is stupid. some laws are not really needed but however others are. Most labor laws protect children from dangerous conditions that could injure or even kill them If you want children to work then you need to appropriate conditions. Also what about school?
    They can get better jobs if they are allowed to work.


  2. You are Stupid says:

    also you say “get paid”. however during the industrial revolution children were only paid about 25 cents a day. Do your research before you make your self look stupid.


  3. Trey Givens says:

    I like the part where you advocated using the same wages from the Industrial Revolution for people today… and also where you argued that children should be forced into hazardous working conditions.

    Oh no, wait! My FAVORITE part is where you argued that parents should have no say in their children’s education or labor decisions.

    Well done!


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