Immigration Under Oath: When Immigrants are Illegal, is it the Migrant or the Law that is Immoral?

Recently, Dr. K of WritingUnderOath  posted a YouTube video that elicited from me several unwholesome oaths directs at the gross errors she commits on the subject of illegal immigrants.

First, let’s deal with her assertion that illegal immigrants are criminals.  Really?

If one were to take the opinion that anyone who breaks a law is a criminal, then her statement would make sense.  Thus, Martin Luther King and the other civil right activists of the 20th century were criminals for breaking Jim Crow laws; do you really want to go there?  When columnist Carl Rowan defended his home from trespassers with a gun that failed to comply with DC’s gun control laws, was he a criminal?  His jury did not think so.  When Norma Leah McCorvey (a.k.a. Jane Roe) wanted to get an abortion contrary to Texas law, did she have criminal intent?  The Supreme Court said no.  When John Geddes Lawrence had sex with an individual having the same fun parts contrary to Texas law, was he a criminal?  The Supreme Court said no.

In addition to violating the law, to be a criminal the actor must violate someone else’s individual rights.  In the case of a migrant who is denied due process of law to achieve a legal immigration, did he violate someone rights?  Really…whose, how, and what right?  In addition to the migrants being denied due process, our current immigration laws violate the right to freedom of association and contract of Americans, such as the migrant’s employer and others with whom the illegal trades.  Further, the quota system of the current law is racist as set up by Ted Kennedy and the Democrats.

Opponents of immigration reform should give more attention to how the current system, which they are defending, violates individual rights.

Second, Dr. K says that illegal immigrants should not have their rights protected by our Constitution ‘cuz dey ain’t ‘mericans.  As a blanket statement, this says that illegal immigrants have no individual rights that must be protected.  Really?  The rights protected by our Constitution are not inherent to American citizens.  The Constitution and our laws contain process rights which are an attempt to protect individual rights.

Can agents of our government enter the homes of illegal immigrants and chop them up with machetes?  Of course not, because Americans protect the illegal immigrants’ individual rights through our Constitution and laws.  Can ‘mericans lynch an illegal immigrant from the nearest tree?  Of course not, because the illegal immigrants have individual rights that are protected by our laws.

Finally, Dr. K disparages our Founding Fathers by saying that their views on illegal immigration were like hers.  Of course, our Founders did not have this issue, because all of the so-called ‘illegal immigrants’ would have been legal if we still had the immigration laws from our founding.  Our Founding Fathers were not only politically invested in increasing immigration to America; they were also financially invested through their investment in uninhabited western lands.

Recently, the genealogy show “Who Do You Think You Are?” featured Rob Lowe, who was excited to learn about the role his ancestor played in the American Revolution.  To his surprise, Lowe’s ancestor turned out to be a Hessian mercenary who became an American.  If our Founding Fathers welcomed these former foes through immigration, what sensible person would conclude that our Founders would put all of our current illegals on buses and send them back to where they came from?

What is to be done with the current illegal immigrants, an estimated 11 million of them?  First, they should be given green cards.  Second, we should apologize to them for allowing Democrats to make our immigration laws racist and a violation of substantive due process rights.  Third, we should fix our immigration laws so that they stop keeping out Americans who by accident of birth entered this world in the wrong geography.

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