Obama is Brer Donkey’s Tar Baby

As part of the Obama Administration’s attack upon free speech (see IRS scandal), Obama partisans smear as racist anyone who disagrees with what our President reads from the teleprompter.  In doing so, they forget the story of the boy who cried wolf.

As individuals who are not racist go out of their way not to say anything that can be misconstrued as racist, our political discourse is crippled by putting out-of-bounds otherwise non-racist comments associating our current Administration with savagery, cannibalism, theft, and the evil of slavery.  As evidence of innocent statements being used as cudgels by actually racist Democrats, see former Senator George Allen’s macaca moment in 2006 and subsequent Democrat slurs that Allen was a secret Jew.

To spit in the face of such rhetorical thuggery, I will liken our President Obama to a tar baby without it being racist in the context of the reference.

I assume that everyone is familiar with the story of Brer Rabbit and the tar baby; if not, perhaps because your early education might have been administered in an Indonesian madrasa instead of America, see AmericanFolklore.net recounting of the tale.  In summary, Brer Fox sculpted a small child out of tar (a tar baby), which he left in the road as a trap for Brer Rabbit; upon finding the unfriendly rudely non-responsive tar baby, Brer Rabbit fought with it and got himself stuck so bad that Brer Rabbit was at the mercy of Brer Fox.

When opponents of our current Administration’s policies personalize such bad policies as the fabrications of Obama the political magician, these criticisms are misdirected, because Barack Obama is essentially just a tar baby created by Brer Donkey.

Regarding President Obama, I describe his tenure as a period in which the presidential office has been left vacant and instead a congressional spokesmodel pretends to be our President.  During the 2008 preconvention period, neither Obama nor Clinton won sufficient delegates in the primaries and caucuses to become the Democratic Party’s nominee.  Thus, the nominee was chosen by the party’s Super Delegates, which are elected party officials and especially national legislators.  Obama was selected because he was a never-done-anything-backbencher who knew how to do only one thing…follow the orders of the party’s legislative leaders; in contrast, Clinton had her own constituency and power base, which could make her more independent of then-Speaker  Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid.   Our President is actually a patsy, a fall guy for the Democrats in Congress.

Obama’s primary role, as assigned to him by his superiors in Congress, is to be a distraction as the target for all the blowback against the Democratic Party’s policy choices, either in the Congress or the bureaucracy.  Obama is the tar baby; we are Brer Rabbit getting ourselves stuck fighting him; meanwhile, Brer Donkey happily continues over spending the public’s money and regulating our lives, while we distract ourselves with the empty chair.

Before you disagree with me, name a single Obama Administration policy that would be different if a different Democrat had been elected president instead of Obama.  If you cannot name one, then why credit Obama as an individual being of any consequence in his own Administration?  Take down Obama, and the subsequent Democratic Administration’s policies will be just the same.  So the point is to engage this Democratic faction in the field of ideas and policy instead of being distracted by the ineffective blood sport which is the politics of personal destruction.

Don’t be at the mercy of Brer Donkey!

Extra Point: 

From visual artist John Cox

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