Book Discussion: Rooseveltcare – How Social Security is Sabotaging the Land of Self-Reliance by Don Watkins

For an upcoming book discussion, I drafted the following announcement:

“ Social Security is immoral.” – Don Watkins

Come and join us for a discussion of Don Watkins’ new book Rooseveltcare: How Social Security is Sabotaging the Land of Self-Reliance. In a brief 125 pages, Watkins argues that America should liberate the productive young from being drafted into financially supporting the idle elderly as mandated by Social Security and its related wealth transfer welfare programs.

Through our government schools and the news media, young producers have been indoctrinated with the contradictory ideas that the elderly have already paid for their own future benefits AND that it is the duty of the young to pay the taxes to pay the current spending of these programs. Now, that contradiction is coming to a head as the Social Security Trust Funds have been already been spent on past federal welfare programs and taxes on the productive young MUST be raised to maintain the promised benefits to the idle elderly.

No biggie? How does paying $400k in taxes more than the future benefits received sound to you? That is the debt for old age welfare programs owed by our current infants and toddlers. Social Security…it’s like stealing a flourishing life from a baby.

How did this happen? Is there an alternative that protects the innocent victims of Social Security, both young and old? In his book, Watkins addresses these critical questions by starting with a factual review of both the history of the program and its consequential attacks upon America’s culture of self-reliance.

The book is available for purchase in both paperback and Kindle. Additionally, it is available gratis in pdf format.

For additional information on the book, check out the End the Debt Draft Campaign.

Here is a list of questions that you may want to consider as you read (or re-read) the book:

What was America like before Social Security?

Under what terms was Social Security sold to our citizens? How is that contradicted by Social Security’s actual legal terms?

What impact has Social Security and resulting additional welfare programs had upon America’s culture of self-reliance?

What are the myths that perpetuate the Social Security Ponzi scheme?

In the face of this fiscal train wreck, what can we do now? [Hint: Plenty and it starts with facing the facts!]

 As a selfish citizen, what could you do about this?

  • If you are in the DC area, let me know and I can invite you to our event.
  • Read the book!
  • Reuse the above (permission granted) to organize your own discussion of the book.
  • Take advantage of the legislative elections to voice your opposition to Social Security to your candidates and community.
  • If you have a campus based organization, attempt to secure Don Watkins to speak at your campus.
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