Democrats Ally with Sociopaths to Cause Violent Riots

Attorney Robert Barnes had an interesting observation the other day related to his youthful research into the waxing and waning of Klan violence over time, which relates to today’s violent rioters.
He observed the political permission escalates the violence of sociopaths; yes, I realize that is a colloquial and not a clinical term. Essentially, that the population of sociopaths is relatively stable over time, but that when they are granted political protection then their mayhem runs wild in the street or the back roads.
Back when I was researching organizational incentive systems in terrorism organization, I observed that a terrorist organization was dependent upon three critical components, which included the recruitment of a criminal element that provides the drive to violence. I think that Barnes’ observations about the historical Klan are parallel to my own observations.
Related to today’s violence, the Democrats are recruiting sociopaths to commit violence upon the urban residents of Democratically controlled jurisdictions. Black lives matter so much to the Democrats that they inflict them with the targetted violence of sociopaths.
While Democratic prosecutors play catch-and-release with these sociopaths, I wonder if these thugs are also victims of the Democrats. Their arrests demonstrate that they are a danger to self or other, but before releasing these thugs are they evaluated for an untreated psychological disorder so they can be involuntarily committed and treated instead of used by Democratic politicians to sacrifice their constituents with violence to the mythos of Orange-Man bad?
Our excessively high prison population is a consequence of deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill. Instead of treatment in a mental hospital, those who cannot care for themselves are committed to the rape culture of prison life unless their violent tendencies are useful to the ephemeral aspirations of Democratic politicians.
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