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Democrats’ Faux Plan to Relieve Borrowers from Crushing Student Debt

During the primary season, various Democrats were pushing the idea of forgiving outstanding federal student loan debt. While this idea stuck in potential voters’ minds, this policy is not actually what the Democrats have put forward in their party platform. … Continue reading

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Democrats Ally with Sociopaths to Cause Violent Riots

Attorney Robert Barnes had an interesting observation the other day related to his youthful research into the waxing and waning of Klan violence over time, which relates to today’s violent rioters.   He observed the political permission escalates the violence … Continue reading

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Democrats Kick Unemployed and Entry-level Workers When They Are Down

The Democrats are getting another woodie over raising the minimum wage.  Everyone, other than those who are in a Karl Mannheim induced ideological coma or who remains mentally enthralled to the indoctrination they received from a publicly paid educrat, knows … Continue reading

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The Case for Cuccinelli by @CouldntBRighter

Guest Post from Twitter’s @CouldntBRighter in response to previous post Voting with Integrity. There are many strategies for voting, and each person has his or her own priorities in life, so two otherwise rational people can and will disagree on … Continue reading

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Obama is the Wiz, a Pretender President

“…the Senate demonstrated that President Obama surely is the most incompetent if not counterproductive deal-maker in an era that requires a good one…In the future, why bother asking Obama about his views? He excels only at annoying the other side.” … Continue reading

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