Republican Cheap Shot Biden’s ‘put y’all back in chains’ Comment, and Miss the Real Racist Obama Policy

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Republicans, and their echoes, were all atwitter about Vice President Joe Biden telling a racially mixed audience at a rally that the Republican ticket wanted to ‘put y’all back in chains’.   While the Republican charges that such language is racially divisive give the Democrats just desserts for similar unjustified statements that they have made against Republicans in the past, it is all just bogus hot air that does not amount to anything of substance.

In contrast, on Monday, the Obama Administration filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas, upon which the Republicans have been silent.  In the case, Abigail Fisher claims that the university’s race based admissions policy discriminated against her and violated her constitutional rights.  According to the Obama Administration, the government has an interest in race based recruitment that is more important than Fisher’s claim of an individual right to not be subject to racial discrimination by her state government.  In this case, President Obama stands arm in arm with George Wallace barring admittance by saying that a state should use race as a determining factor in college admissions.

On a case of actual government discriminating against an individual based upon race, the Republicans have been silent on the Obama Administration’s brief.  What is the Romney position on race based admission policies for government colleges and universities?  Does the Republican team support the 14th Amendment to the Constitution?  Or do they stand with the Ron Paul neo-confederates that oppose the federal government protecting the individual rights of citizens from abuse by state governments?

I intend a future post on Fisher v. University of Texas, which is why I have the material handy on my desk.  Today, I wanted to call attention to the Republican demagoguery against VP Biden and their lack of comment on the Obama Administration endorsing racial discrimination by state governments.

The point today is that the Republicans are blowing smoke when they could be talking about changing government policies to protect the individual rights of actual people harmed by racist government policies.

Extra point:  I note that Gary Johnson is also silent on the Obama Administration brief in support of racial discrimination by a state government; either, he remains disconnected from the real policy debate or remains silent because his Libertarian Party is filthy with neo-confederates, who hate the 14th Amendment for extending Bill of Rights protections against abuse of individual rights by state governments.

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