Question #4: For Whom Should I Vote for President?

While I am supposed to be answering your questions, I am also asking questions of myself.  One of the top questions that I have is:  For Whom Should I Vote for President?

Truly, I will make my own decision, but I am open to argument; therefore, feel free to add your comments about who I should vote for and why.

Early in the primary season, I was certain about my vote next month.  However, I am now reexamining that prior conclusion.

Does it matter?  I live in a swing state, so I could cast the ballot that decides the election; in addition, my recommendation does influence that voting choices made by others.

In 2008, I voted write-in for Don Rumsfeld.  I eliminated Sen. McCain from my consideration as I judged him unfit for command based upon the effect his being a POW had on his thinking, based upon his own reports; it caused me to ponder the failure to command by former POW General Charles Lee at Monmouth during the American Revolution.  Note, that this is not a widespread condemnation of former POWs as I would not say the same regarding Adm. Stockdale (VP candidate in 1992).  Meanwhile, many of my friends then favored Obama; today they find Obama worse than they expected, while I find him to be as expected and in some particular cases better than expected.

Personally, when it comes to Presidents, I prefer experience.  While ignorant people condemn career politicians, I look at the Founding Fathers and see men of long, wide, and useful experience in public office.  I want a President who has experience as a legislator, as a Governor, as a diplomat, and as a cabinet officer.  Such people still exist, but the parties do not nominate such experienced individuals for President.

Previously, I have posted against Virgil Goode, see my post The Last Goode Democrat.

From early on in this blog, I have many posts looking at Libertarian Gary Johnson.  I think that I am the only one to both take him seriously as a candidate and explained why he is incompetent related to the presidency.

Long before Clint Eastwood (see my prior related post) spoke to Obama the empty chair, I have been referring to Obama’s Administration as the vacant presidency.  As I said on net, Obama is marginally better than I expected him to be.  In sum, I view Obama as an impotent void, when it comes to the presidency, who allows the Congress to run amok unchecked.  While his despicable recent attacks on civil rights are disturbing (see my Mocktober 2012 campaign for free speech), I judge that Obama is too impotent to do anything; meanwhile, the damage to America occurring during the Obama Administration can substantially be attributed to an impotent, accomplish-nothing President.  While he gets a lot of unfair blame for horrible legislation like Obamacare, Barry is really the patsy for a Democratic Congress, which as Democratic convention superdelegates selected him over Clinton in 2008.

That leaves Gov. Romney; I despise pragmatists as a great evil in our country.  His utter lack of principles demonstrates that defect in him.  Yet, my friends whisper in my ear that Obama is sooooo bad that I should vote for Romney to block Obama.  Is there really more than a 10% difference between the two?  However, I am open to argument, so if you think that I should vote for Romney then make the case in the comments.

Earlier in the year, I asked myself who should be President?  Who has the experience and credibility to lead our government in these troubled time?  In my pondering, I did not limit myself to declared candidates or who the parties would select; instead, I asked who is the right man for the job?  My conclusion was Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania (Vietnam vet, congressman, Governor, White House Staff, Sec. of Homeland Security, and businessman).

Although I think that Tom Ridge would make the best President, I know that Ridge would tell me to vote for Romney.  Further, Romney’s election would be a major setback for conservatives and theists in the Republican Party, which I would consider to be a good thing.  In fact, if I am not willing to vote for Romney, does that mean that there is no potential Republican candidate that I could ever support in the future?  Seriously, when have the Republicans offered a better nominee?

So in my judgment, at this point, my choice is between a write-in ballot for Tom Ridge and a vote for a different kind of evil with Mitt Romney.

Should I give Obama more consideration?  Does Obama’s election mean his impeachment and the weakening of the presidency?

Again, while my vote will be based upon my own independent judgment, flog your candidate…why should I vote for him and swing my state to his column?

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2 Responses to Question #4: For Whom Should I Vote for President?

  1. It’s a reasonable expectation that Obama needs to “stain” a staffers “blue dress” in the oval office to be impeached. Why hold out on a small possibility of him being impeached for . . for what? He wasn’t summoned for an unauthorized law in Libya [didn’t even go through Congress after 60 days].

    Him and Biden have been, were, and are, mostly drunk on power. Romney/Ryan — you just don’t get that vibe — and the initial chief mission is to repeal the — fact and value — previous administration’s biggest drunken mess — ObamaCare.

    I used to think the field was simply Obama/Johnson. I’ve changed my view over the past month.

    This, the above, is my simple criterion: patterns of drunkenness.


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