Top Three Reasons to Vote Obama for President

Having given full consideration regarding voting for Barack Obama as President on election day, the following is the reasonable case for doing so:

#1 Obama has consistently evil policy innovations

Unlike his main opponent who is unprincipled, erratic, and arbitrary in his policy recommendations, candidate Obama, and substantially President Obama, has demonstrated that he will consistently advocate evil in his policy innovations.  With Obama as President, no one of rational conscience can support his policy recommendations; whereas with his opponent, some individuals might be fooled into supporting bad policies out of faith or loyalty in the man, or based upon the fact that he might have arbitrarily advocated a good policy in the past.

#2 Obama will maintain legal protection for abortion

As a President with a Republican controlled House, President Obama will be in a position to veto attempts by religiously inspired thugs to make abortions illegal.  This is especially important as the Democrats, through ObamaCare, took the uteruses of America hostage by offering the Republicans the legislative power to bar access to abortions through government controlled medicine.  Further, while there is only a 50-50 chance that Romney would appoint a Supreme Court Justice to protect reproductive rights from legislative attack, President Obama would never nominate an anti-abortion jurist to any open judicial position.

#3 Obama will maintain the status quo of divided government

After Pelosi’s utter failure as Speaker, it is unlikely that the American electorate is suicidal enough to elect a Democratic House; therefore, we will have a divided government with Republicans totally in control of any changes to taxes…just as we have today.  Instead of a period of destructive and destabilizing legislative expansion as occurred during the early years of the Obama Administration, when he was solely the spokesmodel for congressional leaders, our government will be able to do nothing bad that they are not already doing, but the errors of the past will also not be corrected.  President Obama has such a weak leader and personally unaccomplished that we can count on the executive to be adrift in a rhetorical and partisan storm.  Further, given the unresolved status of various scandals, a second Obama term will further be made ineffective as it is mired in investigation and revelations of corruption.

In summary, a vote for Obama at his best is a vote for evil policy proposals, political hostage taking, and the status quo.  That is the best case that I can make for his candidacy.

Please feel free to add your positive evaluations of a second Obama term in the comments.

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  7. sonu says:

    Mr.Barack Obama is a good person I proud that mr.obama lives in our world I also want like this people in our india Mr.Barack Obama is a great man and I salute to him and I also want to become like Obama .i am studying in final year and my name is sonu


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