Top Three Reasons to Vote Romney for President

Following yesterday’s consideration of President Obama’s candidacy,  today I will consider the reasonable case for voting Romney:

#1 Romney is a pragmatic steward

While I rightly identify that Gov. Romney is unprincipled, he does have a feeling about governance, if not a philosophy of governance.  Romney wants to do good; he has no idea what that is or what he should do as a public official to achieve it, but his feeling is earnest.  As President, we can expect that Romney would not evade our public problems; instead he will openly recognize them while being clueless about what to do because he has no principles.  If we are fortunate, a President Romney would be surrounded by wise advisers who could help present reasonable policy alternatives for Romney; however, there is no evidence that would actually happen.  Ultimately, by not ignoring our public policy problems, a Romney Administration would present an activism opportunity to advocate positive policies for solving these public problems.

#2 Romney would not veto good legislation

Should our Congress actually do its job and address our country’s greatest economic threat, the regulatory state created by Congress, we could expect that a President Romney would not veto a legislative deregulation program.  In contrast, President Obama has promised to oppose removing government imposed shackles upon American producers.  Frankly, in the context of fixing our economic problems, removing federal regulations is significantly more important than the modest spending and tax changes that Republicans and Democrats might agree to as a deficit reduction compromise.  While Romney has been feckless about regulatory reform on the campaign trail, he can at least be counted on to not screw up a congressional push to liberate Americans from our federal overseers.

#3 Romney is not aggressively anti-business

Unlike President Obama, Romney has real life experience in business, so that he does not fall into the ideological trap of being reflexively anti-business, anti-productivity, and anti-achievement as typifies the Obama Administration.  This should not be confused as meaning that a President Romney will not stab productive Americans in the back…read my lips, he will; Et tu, Romney?  So what good is this difference?  It is a lever within his mind that can be worked in arguing for good public policy, and against bad policy.

In summary, a vote for Romney is an opportunity to solve our own problems as the White House would no longer be obstacle for individuals advancing good public policies.

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