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Reply to Dishonest @NeilParille re: @YaronBrook on Immigration

Recently, Neil Parille started replying to tweets I had made, in which Parille criticized Yaron Brook regarding immigration. Given the number of his comments, it started to seem that I was being trolled, but it turns out that Parille has … Continue reading

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Immigration Under Oath: When Immigrants are Illegal, is it the Migrant or the Law that is Immoral?

Recently, Dr. K of WritingUnderOath  posted a YouTube video that elicited from me several unwholesome oaths directs at the gross errors she commits on the subject of illegal immigrants. First, let’s deal with her assertion that illegal immigrants are criminals.  … Continue reading

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Attachments: Faces and Stories from America’s Gates

A new exhibit at the National Archives offers a very human face to American immigration.  Through the photos attached to the official documents of individual immigrants, you can look into their eyes, read their stories, and experience how their life … Continue reading

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