ObamaCare’s Website: I Didn’t Build That (a confession)

Given recent news about the significant failures in ObamaCare’s website, I have a disclosure to make about my contribution to that event; literally, I shrugged.  Usually, I cannot discuss specifics about what I am doing professionally; but in this case, as it was something that I did not do in the past, I judge that commenting publicly is fine.

Several years ago, I was out of work and it was bad for me; I lost 80 pounds on the Obama diet.  At that time, while I did not know it going into an interview, I was almost hired by the federal contractor, currently on the hot seat over ObamaCare’s website, to work on that now failed contract delivery.  Instead, at much lower pay, I chose to work on a project promoting the rule of law outside of the US.

My point is that if I had chosen to take that ObamaJob then many of the specific issues that are currently failing with the ObamaCare website would not have failed; my particular talents, which the contractor and I discussed in that interview, are applicable to those defective areas of the failing system.

So, if you oppose ObamaCare, then you are welcome; however, if you support ObamaCare, then know that I consciously stepped aside and refused to give my sanction…I did not try to save you from your own stupidity and I allowed you to fail.  Apparently, someone less able than myself accepted that job, and that person probably really needed that job, which they could not do; isn’t that what is important, the needs of others?

This gets back to a core Obama premise that independent individuals do not matter in politics.  If the candidate can get just 50% plus 1 of the votes, then they and their supporters can realize any abominable whim violating individual rights, such as ObamaCare.  Obama, his supporters, and the premise that force is practical evades that it takes someone like me to make those programs work.  It does not matter what the polls said regarding public opinion for or against ObamaCare; I dissented, chose to deny you my ability, and you failed to steal what you could not build.

Remember our President’s attack on businessmen?  He said, “You didn’t build that” and proceeded to give credit to the many for what was only achievable by the one, the individual, trading with other individuals.  Well, in the case of ObamaCare’s website, I did NOT build that.  However, the American electorate did build that failure in its willingness to support candidates that promise to violate individual rights in order to give the unearned to those that would vote for them.

This month of ObamaCare website failure is just a very small and ephemeral demonstration that force is not a practical way for the majority to get whatever they are promised by our leading politicians.  Bigger failures are coming (see public pensions, Medicare, and Social Security).  Check your premises; are these failures actually your fault?   Are you building those failures and many more?

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