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The Talented Tenth Betrayed the Black Community

The Collectivist Left has propagated a narrative that blames the problems in the black community on racism in America.  While race is an illegitimate standard by which to assess such political questions in a country which has proven equal protection … Continue reading

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Question #11: What is the relationship between objective virtues and individual rights?

Normally, others ask a question and I answer; however, this time, I am asking the question above and only starting towards an answer, which I will chew through over time in future posts. Over the past several months, a couple … Continue reading

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Loving and Political Change for the Better

Living during the Orgy of Sacrifice, which constitutes the bipartisan political agenda of the past 30+ years in the US, losing hope for a better future can be easy, especially for younger citizens who have never known different circumstances. While … Continue reading

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ObamaCare’s Website: I Didn’t Build That (a confession)

Given recent news about the significant failures in ObamaCare’s website, I have a disclosure to make about my contribution to that event; literally, I shrugged.  Usually, I cannot discuss specifics about what I am doing professionally; but in this case, … Continue reading

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Not Random Violence, but the Consequence of Ideas

Saturday, we saw a number of news reports on the interwebs about the murder of Delbert Belton, who fought at Okinawa, allegedly by two teenaged thugs. From these reports, we learned that robbery is bad, murder is bad, elderly combat … Continue reading

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