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Reply to Ed Powell re: ARI and the Political Spectrum

On my last post “Lessons from the Aristotle Adventure Applied to Objectivism,” Ed Powell invested the time to make a substantial comment which merits a substantial but quickish response.  In tone Powell’s comment related to ARI and the left-right political spectrum … Continue reading

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Lessons from The Aristotle Adventure Applied to Objectivism

This post is a reply to Mr Cropper’s YouTube video “Objectivist Pnyx Is Hereby Assembled” in which he in part called me out to substantiate one of my earlier comments. On his vid “Mr. Cropper, Objectivist Driver” I had reasserted he needed … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Employment Testing and Liability

Recently, Yaron Brook published interesting commentary about the Aunt Becky college admissions scandal.  He shared an anecdote about a conversation with company executives about why they don’t test job candidates in order to qualify them for employment. Here is Brook’s … Continue reading

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How MoSCoW Can Fix America’s Spending Problem

In the past several years, I have been working on managing a multitude of requirements within a government project so that the objective was achieved on time and on budget. The lessons learned about setting and enforcing priorities are principles … Continue reading

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NFL Anthem Protesters vs. Constitutional Rights

Colin Kaepernick has failed. More than a year ago, he started the anthem protests in the NFL by creating a spectacle through either sitting or taking a knee during the national anthem before the game. It is said that he … Continue reading

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