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Question #4: For Whom Should I Vote for President?

While I am supposed to be answering your questions, I am also asking questions of myself.  One of the top questions that I have is:  For Whom Should I Vote for President? Truly, I will make my own decision, but … Continue reading

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Muslims are Allah’s Slaves

Uncredited image from a Draw Mohammad Day collection. Yesterday, I started talking about the idea that Islam is slavery. One of the supporting points that I made was that Muslims are Allah’s slaves.  I’ll expand on that point tomorrow. In … Continue reading

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Islam is Slavery

Mohammad by Bosch Fawstin Don’t be a slave to political correctness and multiculturalism!  Buy and enjoy The Infidel #1 and The Infidel #2; Fawstin exposes the bad and ugly of Islam. In a legal sense, Islam has a high correlation … Continue reading

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Clint Eastwood at the RNC, the Media Didn’t Get It?

I am surprised by the media reaction to Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC.  Immediately afterwards, I noted the NBC talking heads who said that they did not get it.  Since then, there have been a number of news reports … Continue reading

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