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John Allison, Capitalist of the Year 2012

Selfish Citizenship recognizes John Allison as the Capitalist of the Year.  As an individual, he has made a significant contribution to advancing capitalism in politics. John Allison had been the successful head of BB&T, who has stood against the financing … Continue reading

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Top Three Reasons to Vote Romney for President

Following yesterday’s consideration of President Obama’s candidacy,  today I will consider the reasonable case for voting Romney: #1 Romney is a pragmatic steward While I rightly identify that Gov. Romney is unprincipled, he does have a feeling about governance, if … Continue reading

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6 Causes of India’s Mega-Blackout, Lessons for US

At the end of July 2012, India experienced an electrical blackout that affected more than half of that country.  This event raised serious concerns about India’s ability to sustain its economic growth.  Given the rhetorical attacks against capitalism and selfishness … Continue reading

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Did the Egyptian liberal candidates advocate for economic deregulation and reforms to protect property rights?

I have received a number of questions that are pending response related to the posts on Selfish Citizenship.  Some have occurred in comments on this blog, and other have occurred on other platforms associated with it such as Redddit, FaceBook, … Continue reading

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