Fire God, A Stimulus Plan for the Faithful

I found a previously unpublished video script from four years ago.  It includes actionable ideas that remain valid today. In particular, this is a response to those who attempt to corrupt politics with religion.

As some of you might have heard we have been in the global Pelosi Recession for some time now and some fear that it might become the global Pelosi Depression as the US Congress advances the Welfare State equivalent of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. The panicked response of President Bush, cheerleading of President Obama, and printing presses of Fed Chair Bernanke have not been sufficient to correct this reversal.

Therefore, I am putting forward an individual and personal stimulus package idea, which will particularly benefit Christians, Muslims, and Jews; Oh My!!

If you are a believer, a true believer, and you and your loved ones have been negatively impacted by this current decline in reason, justice, and freedom, then I recommend that you downsize, that you cut expenses.  Yes, I am suggesting that you fire someone from your personal staff.  I recommend that you fire God for his failure to perform his delegated tasks in reality.

[Image of God]  “Sorry God…in your latest performance review you are continuing to fail to meet expectations and assigned goals.  We have tried to work with you but there has been no improvement in your performance.  If times were better maybe…at this point we are just going to have to let you go.  Good luck with your future and hopefully you will find a new job better suited to your skill set.”  [Return to regular image]

Right off the bat, you will be saving your tithe; which is like a 10% increase in revenue, penny saved and all.  As this money was previously squandered unproductively, you can choose to redirect it towards debt reduction, savings, or investment, such as your own education.  Charity can be a good investment when not corrupted by duty and sacrifice, but is instead motivated by the merit of the recipient and their value to your life and vital values.

Of course, without tithing, there will be less spending on preacher bling-bling and other holy graft, plus less money will be spent supporting terrorism.

However, firing God is not about the Benjamins as He corrupts your entire life.  Taking God’s ideas seriously demonstrates that He is a parasitic cancer that retards your production of life sustaining values.  Putting aside God’s abusive assault on your self-esteem, in which you are unworthy trash who is only redeemed by His mercy (freaking sociopath), I want to focus on three fundamental bad ideas by which God cripples you.

In metaphysics, God pretends that there are multiple realities with their own separate rules governing cause and effect.  Further, that the one aspect of reality—which He created—that you are aware of is relatively unimportant and governed by rules which contradict the asserted important alternate realities of Heaven and Hell.  Really, that incompetent boob could not even create consistent work product so he had to compensate by providing an instruction manual that contradicts the system He created.  What a dumbass; no wonder you should consider firing God.

In contrast, the Pragmatists who created the Pelosi Recession assert that there is no independent reality governed by consistent rules of cause and effect; instead what we refer to using the arbitrary word “reality” is a shared socially agreed upon narrative.

A third option is available in contradiction to the options of multiple or no realities, that there is in fact ONE reality independent of the consciousness of God and men integrated with one set of consistent rules describing cause and effect relationships.  An issue that both God and the Pelosi Recession creators have in common is the failure to know what ‘is’ is.  Can you afford such an error to be at the foundation of your life?

In epistemology, God goes Platonic and denies the validity of your senses to know actual reality, because you can not perceive directly into the other more important realities that should inform your life.  The omni-impotent God can’t make functioning input devices that provide accurate and reliable data.  As a workaround, He outsources disintegrated and contradicting translation rules to Prophets through their defective auditory input devices to be recorded without effective validation by defective tactile and visual input devices, and consumed by end users through defection auditory and visual input devises.  Alternatively, some assert that God provided a spiritual perception input device through which you can perceive into the other realities; however, this is also defective and must be validate against the user manual through one’s other defective input devices.  Seriously, could God be a bigger screw up?

In contrast, the Pragmatists who created the Pelosi Recession hold that there is no knowledge of reality because reality does not exist to our knowledge.  Instead knowledge comes from consensus, feelings, and action.  “Reality” is what 50% + 1 says it is.  When the Wiz says that the color is green then says that the color is gold two minutes later, there is no inconsistency as reality is what we agree in that moment.  Without externally valid principles and data, our feelings guide our agreement so that we define “reality” by our emotions.  Our feelings direct our actions as thinking and analysis has been called impotent.  After we act then we can continue on that course of action or change as our emotions direct.

A third option exists about our knowledge of reality that opposes the arguments for revelation and feelings.  Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in ancient Greece, the Renaissance, the Ages of Reason and the Enlightenment, and the establishment of the United States and capitalism.  You as an individual can choose to be capable and effective as your perceptions are a valid source for data about reality and through reason you can conceive knowledge about reality that is valid, empowering, and life aggrandizing.  God and the creators of the Pelosi Recession agree that you as an individual can not independently gain knowledge of reality to fulfill the potential of your life.  Can you afford such an error to be at the foundation of your life?

In Ethics, God and the Pragmatists who created the Pelosi Recession are in total agreement:  the choices made by you in your life should be directed by the unassailable principle that you should voluntarily sacrifice yourself to the asserted needs of others.  Sacrifice being the destruction of a greater value in your life to attain a lesser value.  Further, that the ultimate virtue in their judgment is your voluntary self-immolation for the benefit of a stranger, or even better for your enemy who would consume your life.  This orgy of self-sacrifice and martyrdom manifests in the decline of life sustaining reason, justice, and freedom through its advocacy of irrationality, calling injustice justice, and the imposition of compulsion as the norm in human relations.  Can you afford such an error to be at the foundation of your life?

Another option is available, which contradicts the command to commit suicide.  The alternative is founded upon the principle that your individual life in reality is valuable to you, as it is for every other individual regarding themselves.  Your relationship to other individuals is not that of a cannibal, parasite, or victim; but, as a volitional trader of value for value based upon mutual consent and advantage.  You can choose to act in advancement of your life and vital values according to principles induced by your faculty of reason directly from the facts of reality.  Your own life is the standard of value to selfishly guide your ethical choices, and through free association you choose to augment relations with others who share your vital values and validly exclude individuals who do not.

In summary, for believers the question of God’s existence, or non-existence, is far less important than the question of whether God is good to and for you.  However, as a believer, you have an abusive relationship with God as He attacks your self-esteem and your capacity to independently live your life.  Further, He directs you to harm yourself and engage in high risk behaviors.  If He was your abusive boyfriend, then it would be long past time for your loved ones to stage an intervention.  Also, by His own admissions, He is a serial screw up who can not be trusted with important responsibility, like your life.

Finally, it is time to recognize that He is no good for you and move on.  In history, men of reason have demonstrated that you as an individual can choose to be capable and effective in your life in reality without being dragged down by that worthless bum, God.

Seriously, if your imaginary friend told you to walk off a cliff, would you?  When He tells you that you are worthless, unworthy, and incapable trash who is better off dead than alive, you should fire Him.

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