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Democrats Kick Unemployed and Entry-level Workers When They Are Down

The Democrats are getting another woodie over raising the minimum wage.  Everyone, other than those who are in a Karl Mannheim induced ideological coma or who remains mentally enthralled to the indoctrination they received from a publicly paid educrat, knows … Continue reading

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CalPERS Warns Against Investing in California

CalPERS, the California Public Employee’s Retirement System, has big bucks from California taxpayers to invest in support of the promises that California politicians have made to public employee unions. Asset International’s Chief Investment Officer reports that CalPERS has only 8.9% … Continue reading

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NJ Gov. Christie Evades Government Spending in Union Giveaway

Bloomberg reports that New Jersey’s unfunded public employee pension liability increased by $5.5 in 2012, which is a 13% increase in the states total unfunded pension liability. As I have written before in the case of Obama’s $761.5 billion accounting … Continue reading

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