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Reason and Rights Republicans? To Be or Not To Be; That is the Question

Recently, Ari Armstrong recommended joining the Republican Party as a Reason and Rights Republican, which he called the ONLY solution for participation in party politics.  Armstrong is a serious thinker and experienced political activist. However, Selfish Citizenship disagrees with his … Continue reading

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Thank LBJ and Altruism for Our Federal Deficit and Debt

In the fiscal problems that our country currently suffer, as created by our Congress, it is valuable to go back in time and experience the errors as they are about to be made. One such moment is LBJ’s address to … Continue reading

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Obama is the Wiz, a Pretender President

“…the Senate demonstrated that President Obama surely is the most incompetent if not counterproductive deal-maker in an era that requires a good one…In the future, why bother asking Obama about his views? He excels only at annoying the other side.” … Continue reading

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Obama Recording Oval Office Conversations, Presidential Taping Continues

Like Nixon, LBJ, and Kennedy before him, President Obama has been recording Oval Office conversations.  In my judgment, this is a good practice and a credit to the President. Mark Bowden (author of Black Hawk Down  and The Finish: The … Continue reading

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