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Chewing Obama’s Syria Speech, a DIM view

Let’s chew President Obama 9/10/2013 speech regarding his advocacy for a US military strike against Syria.  The transcript used is from The Washington Post.  I will interject my own commentary throughout our President’s text, which begins: My fellow Americans, tonight … Continue reading

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Obama vs. America’s Post War Dream

Tell me true Tell me why was America sacrificed? Was it for this that our patriots died? Was it you?  Was it me? Did I watch too much TV? Is that a hint of accusation in your eyes? If it … Continue reading

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Daniel Pipes Recommends US Actively Prop Up a Failing and Unrepentant State Sponsor of Terrorism, Assad’s Syria

Somehow, Daniel Pipes must have come to the conclusion that there are bad terrorists and worse terrorists, so we should be friends with the bad ones. Last month, Pipes shifted his recommendation of neutrality in the Syrian civil war to … Continue reading

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Gary Johnson in Debates? No, He Absences Himself from Actual Debate Today

The principle current issue from Libertarian Gary Johnson’s campaign is his desire to be included in the presidential debates.  However, I say no; it is proper to exclude him for reasons beyond his leading a cargo cult political party. There … Continue reading

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