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Book Discussion: In Defense of Selfishness by Peter Schwartz

For an upcoming book discussion, I drafted the following announcement: “Every civilized culture is shaped by some view of right and wrong…In ours it is the principle of altruism…Our society takes as a given the idea that pursuing your own … Continue reading

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Question 9: Why be a selfish citizen?

Much of the search traffic to this site involves a combination of terms that include selfish. Today, someone was looking for the “Top 10 Selfish Politicians”; limited to current politicians, I am at a loss to come up with 10.  … Continue reading

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Question #6: Why is altruism bad?

Related to the post Thank LBJ and Altruism for Our Federal Deficit and Debt, the following question came via Reddit from a father raising his child to be an altruist:  “Why is altruism bad?” Sacrifice, and in particular self-sacrifice. I … Continue reading

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Ready for a Free Market Revolution?

Tonight I attending a talk by Yaron Brook and Don Watins about their new book Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government.  I am excited to read this book and a quick summary of the chapter … Continue reading

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