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The Rights of Bastards Reconsidered, On Govt Compelling a Man to Pay Child Support

Previously, years ago, I had posted about the propriety of the government forcing a man to pay child support with an emphasis on bastard children. At that time, I emphasized that the child had a right to support from its … Continue reading

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Not an Emergency, but a Suicide Attempt

Are our current economic problems an emergency?  Politicians in both parties have said so and claimed that we have to abandon principles, act for the sake of action, and when those actions fail we must blindly act again. In The … Continue reading

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Our Racist Public Schools

While Democrats are quick on the trigger with fallacious rhetorical partisan charges of racism against critics of President Obama, their silence is deafening when it comes to actually racist government policies.   Previously, I mentioned the Obama Administration filing a petition … Continue reading

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The End of American Civil Society?

A piece that I wrote in early January 2009 seems especially relevant now that we have experienced more than three years of the Obama Administration and continued economic decline. The other night I was watching a heart rending story about … Continue reading

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Question #3: Why Write about Libertarians and Gary Johnson?

So far, more than 40% of the posts to Selfish Citizenship have been tied to either Libertarians or Gary Johnson, so the following question is relevant: Why are you writing so much about Libertarians and Gary Johnson? There are two … Continue reading

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