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The Federal Sequester Has Delayed Your Life and Cancelled Your Flight

Today the FAA began its sequester furloughs with a resulting rash of flight delays, especially in NYC and DC. I became aware of the issue when a coworker was trapped in New York and we did not know when to … Continue reading

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Chewing an Echo of What Passes for Thought on ObamaCare

The other day I posted a link to Reddit to iOpposeObamaCare with its announcement for an activism opportunity on Saturday, March 22, 2013…the third anniversary of the corrupt ObamaCare law.  In comments, the following was posted, and I thought its … Continue reading

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Obama Kills an American Traitor: Al-Awlaki Revisited

In light of Senator Rand Paul’s recent jawfest on the Senate floor, now would be a good time to revive something that I wrote in Oct. 2011 following Anwar al-Awlaki’s death by drone strike: In addition to just praise for … Continue reading

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NJ Gov. Christie Evades Government Spending in Union Giveaway

Bloomberg reports that New Jersey’s unfunded public employee pension liability increased by $5.5 in 2012, which is a 13% increase in the states total unfunded pension liability. As I have written before in the case of Obama’s $761.5 billion accounting … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage and Barbara Jordan

As part of a school assignment related to Black History month, I assisted my niece with her paper on Barbara Jordan.  Of course, in my family who is the go to guy for black history but me? Probably the people … Continue reading

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President Truman vs. General MacArthur: The Problem of Inferior Leaders

The Korean conflict between President Harry S. Truman and General Douglas MacArthur has been framed in history by the partisans of Truman as a case of the commander-in-chief replacing an insubordinate general.  However, the full context is not only more … Continue reading

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Obama Using Accounting Cheat to Hide $761.5 Billion in Deficit Spending

Federal Times reports an OPM announcement that the unfunded liability for federal employee pensions is $761.5 billion– the size of a TARP bailout. Today private companies, like Ford, have been pouring their profits into pension liabilities instead of new jobs, … Continue reading

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